First copy bags are represented in this market with a variety of names such as replica bags, knock-off bags, imitation bags, fake bags, counterfeit bags, and many more. Why we should have these bags? These bags make a very good presence out of it they look exactly the same 1:1 but have very minor differences. Basically, original bags are made of genuine leather and harm animals and the environment every day which is really bad for our coming future, and at the same time duplicate bags are made of vegan leather also known as PU Faux Leather. Which is 100% Animal Cruelty-free and does not harm the environment at all, there is always copyright & trademark infringement issues while buying this kind of products but if you are looking at the positive side you get this kind of bags between 2,000–10,000 INR and their original costs from 20,000–5,00,000 INR and above sometimes. You kind of get this product’s at a very affordable price as per the Indian purchasing power. You can also change the product as per your daily outfits, for instance, if you are wearing a red saree for a wedding then you can buy a red Chanel clutch and if you are wearing a yellow top and blue jeans you can definitely buy a Gucci sling and match your outfit daily. There are also a variety of first copy bags such as duffle bags, handbags, tote bags, hobos, slings, canvas bags, and many more varieties for men & women.


There is a lot of online stores which sell a variety of branded copy bags and are actually dealing in this market since 2015. Before 2015 in India, the supply of replica watches, sunglasses were very popular, and after 2015 copy bags are very popular if you see the historical data. Before online website store starts selling first copy bags online Instagram was the first place where all the seller’s around the globe started selling this product. If you are looking for market place website then you should consider these options classy replica, Boldwish, Snapdeal, Timeokart, and many more. Snapdeal stops selling first copy products online because there was a certain trademark infringement notice to the website and stops selling first copy products after “Casio sues Snapdeal, e-sellers over fake products John Sarkar | TNN | Updated: Jul 12, 2019, 12:41 IST” article by Times Of India. read this blog for more detailed information. My kind of favorite place to buy first copy bags online is a classy replica, they have good quality products, variety of products, 95% of products are 1:1 mirror copy, comes with dust bag cover, brand card, and brand box, easy exchange policy, timely 1 to 1 customer support for product suggestions, quality suggestions, and many other suggestions before making the final decision.

I bought a fake LV bag online from there, Do look into the below picture for my post-purchase details:


If you see in the Indian market, there are also fraud sellers are also there who sell very inferior quality bags and there are also sellers who take the amount of your product and never deliver the product also sometimes. For this kind of fraud Mumbai police Instagram handle made an article for the same and posted it, Do have a look here. Not everyone is the same, less than 0.001% of online sellers are frauds and the government is doing their best to stop them in the Indian market who take your money but the rest all the sellers are the same and genuine who take your money and deliver the product to your place. Don't worry if you end up with some of the frauds then you can definitely raise a complaint on consumer-helpline@gov.in its an official email id of the consumer forum of the government of India where you can definitely raise your complaint and they will give you 100% results on the matter for same.

Things you should look at before buying from any online store that sells first copy products online

• Refund & Exchange Policy

• Contact Number

• Customer Care Email Id

• COD & Payment Gateway Availability

• Customer Reviews

• Tracking Details

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